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Maxis Match Eyes cc

Best of Maxis Match eyes cc for your Sims 4.

1. Marvell Eyes

credit marvell-world

Created for: The Sims 4
VIVID eye set – design by Marvell

Default Eyes – Human

Toddler – Elder

18 swatches

2. Speckled Eyes

credit viiavi

extra colors

I was asked awhile ago if I could make some extra colors for my Speckled Eyes, so here it is!! Enjoy!

  • 7 total colors
  • my defaults + non-defaults are not required; you can use these without them
  • speculars have been removed
  • all are enabled for random

3. Whisper Eyes

credit dangerouslyfreejellyfish

Whisper Eyes – Sectoral Heterochromia & Berry Colours

  • Facepaint Contacts & Skin Detail Heterochromia Mesh
  • All Ages
  • Berry colors also enabled for Aliens
  • No specular
  • Heterochromia mesh is incompatible with neckwear, it uses the same texture space

4. Luz Eyes

credit simandy

Hello guys! These are my Luz eyes, but reworked and a lot more softer!

I’m sorry for taking that long on creating those Pets, Vampires and Aliens eyes, but I just have no idea on how to make them XD I’ll figure it out but for now, you can have both of my humanversions ♥

Bellow you will find a folder with some files named like this:

  • D – Defaults; (CHOOSE ONLY ONE)
  • ND – Non Defaults;
  • FP – Face Paint.

You can have both Non Defaults and Face Paint 🙂

Maxis Match skin

Sims 4 Maxis Match Skin List

maxis match eyebrows cc

Sims 4 cc Eyebrows