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Maxis Match Eyes cc

Best of Maxis Match eyes cc for your Sims 4.

1. Marvell Eyes

credit marvell-world

Created for: The Sims 4
VIVID eye set – design by Marvell

Default Eyes – Human

Toddler – Elder

18 swatches

2. Speckled Eyes

credit viiavi

extra colors

I was asked awhile ago if I could make some extra colors for my Speckled Eyes, so here it is!! Enjoy!

  • 7 total colors
  • my defaults + non-defaults are not required; you can use these without them
  • speculars have been removed
  • all are enabled for random

3. Whisper Eyes

credit dangerouslyfreejellyfish

Whisper Eyes – Sectoral Heterochromia & Berry Colours

  • Facepaint Contacts & Skin Detail Heterochromia Mesh
  • All Ages
  • Berry colors also enabled for Aliens
  • No specular
  • Heterochromia mesh is incompatible with neckwear, it uses the same texture space

4. Luz Eyes

credit simandy

Hello guys! These are my Luz eyes, but reworked and a lot more softer!

I’m sorry for taking that long on creating those Pets, Vampires and Aliens eyes, but I just have no idea on how to make them XD I’ll figure it out but for now, you can have both of my humanversions ♥

Bellow you will find a folder with some files named like this:

  • D – Defaults; (CHOOSE ONLY ONE)
  • ND – Non Defaults;
  • FP – Face Paint.

You can have both Non Defaults and Face Paint 🙂

5. Opal Eyes

credit cupidjuicecc


Here are those eyes I posted last week, they are for humans, aliens, vampires, dogs and cats of all ages and sizes. They’re a mash up on my Ruby and Quartz V2 eyes. I wanted a high shine, less detailing beams like Quartz V2 has but also something similar to Sahra’s eyes from TS2 as far as colors go- I love the dual tones in them, so a lot of these eyes have the same. You can get the non-defaults right here

6. Vex’ahlia Eyes

credit yuuletidesimming

Non-Default recolours of @dangerouslyfreejellyfish‘s Vex’ahlia Eyes in @noodlessorbets‘s 65 Sorbets.

Eye recolours don’t require a mesh, but I still recommend the originals over HERE.

Recolors SFS

7. Martha Eyes

credit impressoespresso

Hey Guys! I’m back with more CC, and today i present to you the Martha eyes. These eyes will show up with the other eye swatches (but they are non default ignore what I said earlier I’m dumb and realized these aren’t default eyes), and they come in 11 swatches.


More Information

  • Default Eyes in 11 Swatches
  • Base-game Compatible
  • Human Sims
  • Maxis Match

8. Solstice Eyes

credit yuuletidesimming

Non-Default recolours of @dangerouslyfreejellyfish‘s Solstice Eyes in @noodlessorbets‘s 65 Sorbets.

Eye recolours don’t require a mesh, but I still recommend the originals over HERE.

Recolours SFS

9. Gem Eyes

credit puderosasims

These eyes are basically a fusion of the EA defaults and Remi’s edit of Leh’s Eyes with which I fell in love immediately. Another thank you goes to @aveirasims for her wonderful heterochromia mesh.

  • maxis match
  • all ages and genders
  • default replacements, contacts (face paint category) and heterochromia version (skin details category) available
  • two additional colors for cats and dogs
  • fully geneticized
  • heterochromia mesh is NOT included and will conflict with bracelets
  • PSD files for recoloring available
  • no EA specular
  • The red eyes in the second picture won’t show up in CAS as defaults since they seem to be only for evil clones. I included them in the contacts, though.

10. Luminosity Eyes

credit siimplyjessica

This is my first actual, very own piece of CC. It is NOT a recolor or retexture. These are all MINE!! lol 🙂 I love these because they have a little line through the shines and you may think they look like every other eye, but THEY AREN’T! 🙂 I spent a long time detailing these eyes, I hope you like them!

  • NON-DEFAULT & DEFAULT versions
  • Please don’t upload as your own – give me credit where due.
  • if you use them or recolor them please tag me 🙂
  • BGC
  • 37 swatches – EA’s 18 Original colors + 19 of my own
  • these are Maxis Match 

11. Nimbus Cookie Eyes

credit bubble-fluff

🍪 Nimbus Cookie Eyes 🍪 

Hey all, I’ve got some new, bright eyes for ya!

So the story behind the name, I was trying to text “nimbus cloak” to someone (cause they asked wut runes i take on rakan–league of legnds dun wrry) but i jacked up the spelling so bad it autocorrected to nimbus cookie. lol so that’s the name.

Much to my surprise, these were not that hard to get done! The only thing that gave me trouble other than s4 lagging like a mofo was making the heterochromia (which I expected), but in the end I figured it out. Special thanks to thatrayleen (now @escapingpotplantfor the meshes!


  • 18  *cough*hand-painted*cough* colors (adapted from base game) based on my art “style”
  • available as defaultnon-default, or face-paint
  • optional heterochromia swatches in skin details
  • bomb ass color dodge skills (ross would be proud)
  • thumbnails for only half the swatches because s4studio lag made me want to fling myself into a black hole :3

12. Dog Days Eyes

credit simulationcowboy

The day has finally come so like have some eyes! The eyes are hand drawn and this is probably the longest I’ve ever spent to make cc. Thank you to @pyxiidis for the scelra texture! IF THERE ARE ANY PROBLEMS PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!


-For everybody


-Defaults and Additional Add-ons

-A non default contact version available!

– Vampire and Alien versions also available 

-PSD is up for download for recolors

13. Silvia Eyes

credit viiavi

SALVIA: add-ons;
new colors + sectoral heterochromia

I always forget how much of a pain eyeballs are until I actually work on them, lol. Anyway, as requested, I’ve made some new colors for my Salvia eye set as well as added sectoral heterochromia!


  • 21 new non-default colors
  • compatible with all ages


  • 32 swatches: 4 browns, 4 greens, 4 blues, and 4 grays/purples in 2 versions
  • you can choose your affected eye: left, right and/or bilateral
  • you can have all 3 in your game at the same time
    • the left and right versions both take up the same texture space, so it’s not recommended to use them at the same time
    • left and right versions are incompatible with bracelets
  • found in skin details, face paint and tattoos for teens – elders
  • for toddlers and children, they can be found under skin details and face paint
  • made for my Salvia Eyes (obviously), but can be used with other eye sets
  • and last but most certainly not least, this would not have been made possible if not for @teanmoon‘s help. Thank you SO much!!

14. Heidr Eyes {pet update}

credit millkflower

Heiðr Eyes (Pets Update)

Updated my Heiðr Eyes (again). Let me know if there’s any issues! I included some addons as well if you’re feeling adventurous! There’s Blind, Albino, Hazel, and Ice Blue options in the addons. 

Please read my TOU.

  • Maxis Match
  • Works with Small & Large dogs, as well as cats
  • Blind, Albino, Hazel and Ice Blue options available
  • Default + Nondefault
  • Requires Cats and Dogs

15. TS4MM Heartlines Eyes

alien sims 4 eyes
CREDIT pyxiidis


Some odds and ends – six unnatural skintones, and some fishy looking creature eyes.

16. Glossy Eyes

fantasy eyes sims 4 cc
credit tainoodles

Glossy Eyes Mega Collection

There are three sets that you can either download separately or all together. All sets come with black, gray, and white. One set features the standard saturated colors, while the other two include pastel and dark versions of the 13 colors.


  • If you download the Saturated Pack and have downloaded the 1st set, you will need to delete it! 
  • All packs come with Black, gray, and white, so you shouldn’t download more than two packs. Use the all pack if you want more than one. The colors will also stay in order that way. 
  • The colors start right after the last EA default color. In the ALL file they are organized dark, saturated, pastel in every color. 

 17. PurEAly Eyes v2

pastel eyes sims 4
CREDIT simmysunrise

Hello Simmers! I finally updated my Maxis Match eyes with all of WildlyMiniatureSandwich’s Sandwich Colours! There were a few things that bothered me about the last eyes. Some colors looked too similar to each other, along with some slight pixelation with a handful of them. These eyes are more plain than the last ones without the additional coloring I did, but I managed to fix everything that was irking me! :]

As usual:

  • Enabled for all ages
  • Disabled for random
  • BGC
  • Available as contacts/”face paint” if you don’t want to clutter your CAS eye selection. Also available for if anyone has the problem of the colors switching up for your toddlers and kids.

If anyone has downloaded the first version of these eyes, make sure to replace the old files with this new version! c:

18. Oasis Eyes

oasis eyes for sims 4
credit Pralinesims

Here is my take on maxis match inspired eyes. 
They come in 68 colors, for all ages and genders. 50 individual colors, and the 18 default EA colors are also included.

Eyes are available as.
Default Replacement (18 Colors)
Non-Default (50 Colors)
Facepaint (68 Colors)
Heterochromia (68 Colors, under facepaint)

Heterochromia eye texture conflicts with bracelet space, please don’t use bracelets together with the eyes.

19. MoonStone Eyes

s4mm cc eyes
credit chiefwhiskers

moonstone eyes

i was really in the mood to make some eyes and i, of course, got carried away with the swatches again. i’ve included a face paint option for those who don’t want the non-defaults cluttering up the eye color section since there’s so many swatches. the merged package includes the ea default replacements, the non-default colors, and the face paint.

  • 110 swatches + ea defaults
  • non-default + default 
  • base game compatible
  • custom thumbnail

20. Charming Eyes

best sims 4 mm eyes
credit ladysimmer94

These are Non-Default, so you can find them in Face Paint! Coming this week is also the freckles on the model in the above ad, and a nose dot highlight! Thank you soooooo much for all your support, re-blogs, sweet messages and likes, I would not be making any of this without you! 

  • BGC
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Teen – Elder (M&F)
  • 8 swatches
  • Found in face paint category
  • Disallowed for random townies
  • Do not claim as your own! 
  • Do not re-upload or hide content behind paywalls! 


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