Sims 4 cc Glasses

Sims 4 glasses for male and female sims. Explore our favorite reblog S4 cc glasses for different facial structures. Need more inspo? Check out our favorite Sims 4 cc here.

Spotlite Glasses by simsquelch

SPOTLITE – a pair of bigass cat-eye frames based on these irl glasses. 14 swatches

COLORCODE – bright-colored aviators based on these that i want so bad. 10 swatches

VEOX Glasses

Glasses in 15 colors, for all genders.

Same Old Glasses

– Base Game Compatible.
– Proper LODs.
– Custom thumbnail.
– 24 swatches.
– Available for teen-elder and both genders.
– Proper categories and tags.
– Disabled for random.
– 477 kB.

sims 4 piercing

Sims 4 cc piercings

sims 4 scars cc

Sims 4 Scars cc