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Sims 4 Living room cc

Sims 4 living room cc
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Sims 4 Living room sets cc

1. Natural Living Room by kardofe_Natura Room: 12 Set creation form with natural wood decor. Fresh light colors that set a peaceful and comfortable room.

2. Lilit livingroom by Severinka: Set of 15 creation. This lilac or beige theme living room comes in 4 color wood.

3. Shabby Chic Used Living Room by TheNumbersWoman: 12 Set creation. This Budget-friendly flea market and garage sale finds are great for any sims starting out. Get this shabby thrifted livingroom.

4. Fusion Living Set by Simcredible: Industrial style living room. Does a coffee table with wheels catch your fancy? Then you will love this ready to mix soft classical lines with an industrial atmosphere.

5. Urban Loft Living by TheNumbersWoman:
Loft Living is alluring and delightful in the contour of the style. Made to please the persnickety Sim this set oozes a true metropolitan tone. This set has 2 colors. The columns are planned for a future set and not included here.

6. Salon Industriefor The Sims 4 by simsontherope:
This small set is composed of 4 objects, a coffee table (10 color options), a loveseat, a sofa, and an armchair (20 color options). Base game compatible works with the design tool. 

7. Japanese Living Set by leanderbelgraves: This dark theme Japanese decor has a beautiful kimono and painting wall decor. All cc are provided within the description.

8. Victoria Living by Angela: Set with 7 creation and 4 meshes. This modern style living room comes with Cowhide print area rug , sofa and chair.

9. Living Mediterranean Experience by Pilar: Set with 5 creation. This space has soft lines, light colors. Includes Mediterranean foglie, love seat, sofa, large art piece, and art vase.

10. Studio Bakonmi by blewis50: I had a family type in mind when I created these recolors, memories of the Pirate Queen by Sussi Sims 2 and I wanted to try and recreate her for Sims 4. I used this set in Sims 2 for her home and I hope to get the same feeling when I set up the Pirate Queen family.

11. KOLLAA Living room by Punisa: The very first The Sims 4 CC set created by me! This Scandinavian design inspired set includes a 70’s style armchair, two types of end tables/cabinets, a wall clock, a floor lamp, a rug, a two-piece wall art, a mirror, and some clutter.

12. CEMRE MOJITO LIVING CONVERSION by mio-sims: Light colored living room comes with a vintage style Map wall art, sofa, loveseat, wood cabinet, and industrial style coffee and side table.

13. The Man Cave by veranka-s4cc: Man Cave Compilation and I picked these items.
Butt-Grooveless Arm Chair, Strike-em-out Chair, Soccer End Table, Last-4-EVER Boxing Gloves and Knock-out Champion Belt.

14. Shabby Chic Living Room Set by sunshineandrosescc: Set of 3-4 Pieces in each set. Mesh created by Wondymoon @TSR. You do not need the original mesh for these to work. They are all cataloged together with thumbnails. 
**Package also includes 3 ‘shabby chic’ plush rugs- which are featured in the screenshots. Rugs come in two different sizes

15. Hotel Living by givresims: There are 5 items in total, all re-textured with Sims 4 matching textures; available in Peach’s Basics and 5 wood types. The Luxury’s Lap Armchair is an add-on created by me, I thought it looked nice as a chair

16. TS4 Conversion High End Loft Stuff by peachandherpan: 13 living room items.
Comfort items come in 16 light colors. Frames are in black, grey and dark wood (48 swatches). Wall decoration in 17 colors. Lighting objects come in soft blue-ish light as you can see in the last screenshot. The original meshes by EA/Maxis

17. Madame de Pompadour salon by weeberry: This salon is for entertaining and together with the bedroom set they form Madame de Pompadour’s apartments in Versailles. I’ve recolored the base game gaming table and piano for this room, as Madame de Pompadour liked gaming and music.

18. Friends Living Room by Kiolometro:
Remember the TV series Friends? Now your sims can visit the apartment of Monika and Rachel and recreate the environment at home. 26 objects made specifically for the amazing lot. Conversion from my set for Sims 3. Three recolor.

19. Contemporary Comfort Living set by sims-like-it-hot: Beautiful light scheme living room with fireplace and beige living room set.

20. Onyx Furniture & Decor Set by kai-hana: NORM Sofa (52 Swatches), BOWIE Stool (52 Swatches), ARTIC Sideboard (4 Swatches), DROP Ceiling Light (4 swatches)  GUNDERSEN Hourglass (2 swatches) , TORKILD Decorative Box w/ Candle (10 swatches) , HERBERT Candlesticks (8 swatches) and GERLEF Candle (2 swatches)

21. Soft Breezes Living Room by pyszny: Set contains:- Fireplace- Commode- Living Chair- Loveseat- Coffee Table- End Table.

22. Awesims Retro-Modern Living Set by mxims: Set comes with Aidan Sideboard, Baxter Mirror, Brandon Armchair, Brandon Loveseat, Barndon Sofa, Chelsea Globe
and Lumiere Table Lamp.

23. Visions by slox: 70/80’s inspired living room converted new meshes. 23 objects in total, most of them including recolors.

24. Elene Living Room by Mathcope: Masculine Industrial inspired living room. Base game compatible.

25. Urban City Living by tatschu: Living room includes, Sofa, loveseat and armchair, big urban pictures, Urban canvas, urban rugs, urban walls, and concrete floors.

26. Sovrum Living Room by s-imagination: This stunning sovrum inspired living room with a hint of Scandinavian. Has a fully functional fireplace that makes the room cozy and welcoming.

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