Sims 4 cc piercings

Here is a collection of our top Sims 4 cc piercing. Facial piercing includes- Nose piercing, earrings, plugs, and lip rings. For more inspiration check out our Sims 4 cc.

Sims 4 Facial and Ear Piercings

DIY Nose Piercing by Pralinesims

Sims 4 piercing

4 different nose piercings for the left or right nostril, + 3 septum piercings. (All in one, 11 piercings). All come in 5 colors and can be combined however you want to, or use them on their own. Of course, they can be used with our Lip Piercings and every other jewelry as well.

Large Gauge Earring by omgmycutesims

sims 4 piercing plugs

This is Lilah,i hope you like her 🙂

If you want to download her my origin ID is Veventza

NataliS_Industrial ear piercing-v2 LEFT

sims 4 earrings

Cone earrings in both ears and Industrial piercing for left ear.
5 colors.

sims 4 kids clothes

Sims 4 kid clothes

Sims 4 cc glasses

Sims 4 cc Glasses