Sims 4 Culinary Career Breakdown

So then, fellow Sims, think you can handle the Sims 4 Culinary Career pathway?

Besides, dishing up a six-way smorgasbord and conjuring a cocktail or two, equates to a doddle from the comfort of your home.

However, the Sims4 Culinary Career path, is designed for those who wish to elevate their skills to a maximum degree.

And thus, earn a decent income in the process.

sims 4 culinary career
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Culinary Careers in Sims 4

Firstly, let me start by saying, the Sims 4 Culinary Careers primarily revolves around cooking delicious food and serving up exquisite drinks.

Therefore, a lot of it boils down to honing those cooking abilities. Luckily though, practice makes perfect.

Over time, once skills start to develop, you’ll be able to focus on the branch most appropriate to you.

Whichever branch, you elect to take on; either Mixologist or Chef, each has its benefits.

All in all, though, the Culinary Career is one of my favorite pathways.

The reason being is that it offers up some ingenious cooking appliances. Those of which, fit beautifully into any modernized home.

Both professional and practical, these items are well worth the journey.

Indeed, there comes a time, however, when a choice, no matter how tough, must be made.

Once you reach level 6 of the Sims culinary career, you’ll need to make a judgment call, and decide whether its food glorious food.

Or, refreshingly lush drinks. Of course, both the Chef and Mixology branches are decent in varying ways.

For instance, becoming a Chef will generate more income, whereas the Mixology path only requires three working days a week.

Meaning, you can set aside time for other projects.

Task: Make Food/Mix Drinks Daily

At first glance, the goal is to prepare three meals of any kind. Then, you may tick off this daily task. Again, what you make is up to you, so why not unleash those creative culinary skills!

The other option available to you from the daily task menu is to create drinks. Although you only must build around two beverages to complete the task, the job requires a bar.

With that in mind, make sure you’ve sorted a workstation before proceeding.

Most Effective Emotion: Inspired

To get your head in the game. And, to instill a positive mindset before work, being in the right mood or frame of mind is critical.

Besides, psychological boosts are essential. Therefore, why not take the time to have a contemplative shower beforehand.

Also, your workspace is vital. On that note, it’s a wise idea to fill that area with things that increase inspiration.

The Umber Kitchen Sink can boost this emotion, if two, are placed in the kitchen. But also, it elevates your cooking skill. At least, temporarily.

But be warned, the effects will not take hold once you leave for work.

JobDaily PayDaily Task/ Requirement For PromotionRewards
Assistant Dishwasher$135Prepare Food or Mix DrinksN/A
Head Dishwasher$144Prepare Food or Mix Drink
Level 2 Cooking
Corporate Chic Countertop
Caterer$208Prepare Food or Drink
Level 2 Cooking
Level 2 Mixology
Stainless Steel Auto-Pot
Mixologist$315Prepare Food or Drink
Level 3 Cooking
Level 3 Mixology
Umber Kitchen Sink
Line Cook$344Prepare Food or Drink
Level 4 Cooking
Level 4 Mixology
Corporate Chic Counter Island

Cook Uniform

Chef Branch

Sims 4 chef branch

Max pay level weekly: 9.840

DT/ Promotion RequirementsRewards
Head Caterer$468Prepare Food
Level 6 Cooking
Level 2 Gourmet
Positronic Pro Magnetic Knife Rack
Pastry Chef$520Prepare Food
Level 7 Cooking
Level 4 Gourmet Cooking
Heavy Dutiest Pot Rack
Professional Ceiling Mounted Pot Rack, Ceiling Pot Rack-Oval
Sous Chef$786Prepare Food
Level 8 Cooking
Level 6 Gourmet Cooking
Icebox of Steel by Krampft Industries,
Write Cook Book on computer
Executive Chef$1,518Prepare Food
Level 10 Cooking
Level 8 Gourmet Cooking
Celebrity Chef$2460$2460Pro Performance Range Hood, Pancake Pro Free-Standing Griddle,Discretion Stove Hood, Pro Performance Range Hood, The Obelisk
Chef Uniform

Only those with a creative flair in the kitchen will master the art of connoisseur in their chosen field.

Besides, tasty grub is one of the best ways to buy a Sim’s affections.

Successful completion of kitchen duties can cook up a myriad of rewards, such as enhanced cake making skills, among many others.

There are a few essentials to note down here. Firstly, The Chef path is the highest earning branch in the culinary career. Secondly, the easiest way to gain promotion is to level up both your Gourmet and Cooking abilities.

Both of which will take half the time, if you ensure that your Inspired emotion, is at, or near full capacity, during work.

So, my advice is to stay inspired and cook dishes daily. Then, you’ll be well on your way to becoming head chef.

But be sure to take a contemplative shower before work. Also, an optimum culinary level will keep topping up inspiration, so that’s worth taking into consideration.

Mixologist Branch

Max pay level weekly: 5,910

sims 4 mixologist career
JobDaily PayDT/ Promotion RequirementRewards
Head Mixologist$315Mix Drinks
Level 5 Mixology
Level 2 Charisma
Captain Rodrigo de Pablo Cask
Juice Boss$448Mix Drinks
Level 7 Mixology
Level 4 Charisma
Chief Drink Operator$888Mix Drinks
Level 8 Mixology
Level 6 Charisma
Vinoteca Bottle Rack

Ability to write bar guide on computer
Drinkmaster$1660Mix Drinks
Level 10 Mixology
Level 8 Charisma
Lemonade on a Sunny Day Torchiere
Celebrity Mixologist$1970Mix DrinksBar Setters Bar

Bartender Uniform

Alternatively, the other branch in the culinary careers, is the Mixologist.

This master concoctor has the know-how to blend exotic ingredients and make the tastiest elixirs, designed to put a twinkle in the eyeballs of any Sim. Or make them blissfully inebriated.

In truth, the most effective way of scaling up the mixology ladder is to enhance both your Charisma and Mixology skills.

As was previously the case, the inspired emotion remains the most beneficial tool in limiting the time it takes to ascend the ranks.

The key to charisma is confidence. In truth, there are several ways to elevate this category, but the most straightforward and speediest methods are to brush your teeth and to click while using the sink.

Of course, if only life was that easy.

Like before, the ideal emotion is inspired; therefore, a contemplative shower before each task will work wonders, but a healthy Mixology level will produce inspiration, only by mixing drinks. So, mix away!

As you can see, each eventual pathway has possible pros and cons. But hopefully, this comprehensive guide has helped you make an informed decision on which branch to follow. Either way, enjoy the creative processes and get those juices flowing. Besides, Sims 4 culinary careers are a delightfully enjoyable experience. So why waste any more time? Get that workstation sorted and become inspired today. With that said, your next job opportunity awaits!


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