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Sims 4 curly hair

sims 4 curly hair

Here are my current Sims 4 curly hair dump. We take no credit of content and not responsible for any abandoned or removed uploads. Hope you enjoy!

Looking for more hairstyle inspiration? Check out our Sims 4 hair cc to get our top picks of creators that make the best trending hairstyles.

fusionstyle-by-sviatlana – Two pig tails with long curls.

aharris00britneyCurly Hair Recolors.

drteekaycee – Soft curls over the face.

BabyBubbleSim – Recolor of the curly hairstyle . NEEDS Cats and Dogs.

feralpoodles -Callie Hair. Cute up side pony hair.

feralpoodles – Two buns with two curls in the front

feralpoodles – Anjela hair. Short curly hair with cute faux side cut with cornrows

feralpoodles – Mimi hair. Two puffy curly hair

Mystufforigin: Medium Curly hair conversion

savvysweet – Porsha Curly Pony

birkschessimsblog – CurlyPonytail female

dbasiasimbr – Curlys Curlys Hair retextured

birkschessimsblog – Teased Curly Hair

Rusty Nail – Curly mid hair edit V2

Rusty Nail – Curly mid hair edit V1


birkschessimsblog – Daniela’s Long Curly Hair

BabyBubbleSim – Cats & Dogs Curly Hair Recolor

birkschessimsblog – Curly Bangs hair

Mystufforigin – Medium Mid Curly hair for girls

Birksches sims blog – Curly Long Middle Part Hair retextured

Au Naturale -Curly Hair Set retextured by leeleesims1

Elenaferri3 – Curly side braid

Mystufforigin– Medium Curly Version 2

Nords – Noor hair. Mid-length curly/wavy hair

drteekaycee – Loosey Curlz. Afrocentric Natural look.

Oepu – Curly Bob with Bangs

Sharareh – Britney hair retexture

Lumia Lover Sims Curly Girly

Sharareh – Skysims’187 hair retexture

Anto – Anto – Owl (Hair). Long wavy curls with bangs

moonflowersims – Kiara 24 Curly ponytail hairstyle retextured

S-Club – sclub ts4 hair CoCo n21B

Busted Pixels– Medium curly hairstyle recolor

Leah Lillith – LeahLilith Dream. Long ombre curls

Sim Culture Nation– Curly fade Zipped by Dr. TeeKayCee


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