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Sims 4 Default Skin

Kijiko Sims 4 Default Skin Collection

Skin Tones Maxis Match Edition

Sims 4 Default Skin

Fixed an issue that skin tones were broken when you use them to female children.
Please download again and overwrite the old one if you’ve got my MM skin tones.


  • This file adds new skin tones. This is skin color,not skin detail.(Non-default skin color).
  • for All age and All genders
  • Compatible with suntan and sunburn.
  • Compatible with WickedWhims
  • Please make sure your game is updated to the latest version.
    If the game has not been updated,CC may not work.
  • If you’ve got [Kijiko]SkinTone00_non-default (,
    please read the note below.


  • This is update file of [Kijiko]SkinTone00_non-default_flat.package.
  • If you’ve got my skin tone named
    [Kijiko]SkinTone00_non-default.package (Textured version)
    [Kijiko]SkinTone00_non-default_flat.package (Maxis Match version)
    please remove it from your mods folder,
    then put new file ([Kijiko]SkinTone00_non-default_MM.package) into your mods folder.
  • Currently,I haven’t updated [Kijiko]SkinTone00_non-default.package (Textured version),but I don’t have a plan to update it for now.
    I hope you understand.

kiwi default skin

Kiwi Default Skin cc

okay i finally did it BUT if this flops you all saw nothing. anyways.

its available for all ages, adults and elders have wrinkles, and has eyelid freedom. currently only a default skin but if anyone wants (???) i can make it a non default too i guess.


@virtuchem intoxicated v2

@sammmi-xox cookie dough skinblend

@obscurus-sims nosemasks n1

@pyxiidis about facekit

@nolan-sims wrinkle overlay

default + nondefault skin blend for all ages

Sims 4 Default AND non default Skin


  • this skin blend is available for all ages, and gender. 
  • from teens and up, females are anatomically correct (default only)!
  • nondefault version is face only!
  • Uses @noodlesims Ramen noodles body as base
  • @heihu‘s breast and face overlay
  • @litttlecakes face overlay
  • @capitalco-deactivated face details
  • @tamo-sim‘s eyebags
  • @pyxiidis‘ nose and skin details

Sims 4 Nose Piercing

sims 4 realistic Skin

Sims 4 Realistic Skin