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Sims 4 cc Eyebrows

Top Sims 4 Maxis Match Eyebrows list for all genders.

1. Eyebrows Megaset

sims 4 eyebrows cc
credit crazycupcakefr

Repost of my eyebrows megaset (uploaded with mediafire when is simfileshare comin back? :’( )

  • 6 eyebrows
  • BGC
  • 18 ea swatches

2. TSM Brows

maxis match eyebrows
credit berrybbbies

whew this was a long project lol anyway have some various maxis match-y brows in noodles sorbet ^^ also for those who arent downloading all of the brows, make sure to check below in the bulleted for one of the recolors !

  • comes in 65 noodles sorbet colors and as ADD ONS to the original
  • which means mesh is NOT included ( dai brows | tsm brows )
  • theres a merged package in the main folder in case youre planning to download all the brows and their recolors (and if youre picking and choosing there are respective folders)
  • credits to lehgaming for the conversion and @tainoodles for the colors and actions^^
  • so if youre planning to pick and choose the brows and the recolors, the previews of mine and lehgaming’s brows all match except for their preview of TSMbrow11. their preview pic actually shows what brow17 looks like instead of brow11 (so just know that if you want pick and choose, do it from my previews and all the meshes and recolors should match according to my previews too)
  • anyway woop i hope you enjoy these recolors 🙂

3. Simmy Star Brows

maxis match eyebrows cc
credit simmy-star
  • 21 colors
  • HQ compatible
  • Download HERE
  • EA colors HERE

4. Eezo Shot Recolours – skellysim

ts4 eyebrows mm cc
credit chimaerae

Requested by anon, we have various eyebrows by @skellysim recoloured in my Eezo Shot defaults, naturals, jewels and unnaturals. You can find info on the colours here. The defaults are meant to replace the EA colours, so I suggest using this method to remove the EA colours. Meshes are not included, so pick them up too!

1 – Bother Brows – mesh / recolours
2 – Last Resort Brows – mesh / recolours
3 – 8 – Bushy Brows – mesh / recolours

4. Eyebrow set 01

sims 4 eyebrows cc female
credit grimcookies

Two new eyebrows for adult sims.

  • Basegame
  • All ea colours
  • separate packages to make recolours easy 😛

5. Icarus Brows

maxis match cc brows
credit glossari
  • CU-EU
  • All EA Colors + a darker black swatch for darker skin.
  • Custom Thumbnail

6. VibrantPixels Brows

tsmm cc brows
Credit vibrantpixels

was curious as to how to make eyebrows so i gave it a try. here are the only two that came out decent enough to share. all basegame colors + pitch black & paper white just because they come in handy sometimes 🙂

7. Monday Brows by vibrantpixels

eyebrows for sims 4 mm

Credit vibrantpixels

1 eyeshadow (6 swatches + specular map for subtle shine)
1 eyebrow (all ea colors + 1 black swatch)


eyebrows for sims 4

Credit vibrantpixels

my third pair of eyebrows, yay! lol, keep reading for more info:

  • enabled for teen – elder, male and female
  • disallowed for random
  • includes all 18 ea colors + a pitch black swatch
  • i know people usually say more in these cases???? but, idk, these are one set of brows, do with them as you wish 🙂

9. Scheibe Brows

mm eyebrows sims 4 eyebrows cc
credit cubersims

idk abt this preview i hate it and i like it but idk fhuewhf. here’s my first set of brows ! i loOOVE thick and big brows, and i always think we need more of them in our mm community 😀

also sry for the lack of cc, there’ll be more up soon i promise! <3

  • Base Game Compatible
  • Female and Male
  • Disabled for random
  • 18 EA default colors
  • Handdrawn by yours truly <3
  • Feel free to recolor, just dont include the mesh + tag me if you recolor them!
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Ty for the different ppl on discord who tested them for me!

10. Goth Eyebrows Dump

sims 4 goth eyebrows
credit unstablesims

I made this for a specific sim so all the swatches are black. Feel free to recolor, I’m just lazy™

  • Custom Thumbnail
  • 13 Swatches
  • All Genders
  • All age

11. Aggressive Brows

sims 4 male eyebrows
credit noctoro

Because these brows are aggressively bushy and I couldn’t resist lol, the names themselves were inspired by King Diamond. So after many trials, I’m finally satisfied with them. I hope you all get some use out of them and thank you again to those who’ve helped me.

  • EA colors
  • unisex teen-elder
  • custom thumbnail
  • if you’d like to recolor go for it!

12. Fluffy Brows

female eyebrow sims 4
credit angels-simblr

the deets: 

– hand drawn by me 🙂 

– basegame compatible aka BGC 

– has custom thumbnails as you see in the preview 🙂 

– has all the right stuff (like the flags and such) 

– enabled for female and male ! teen-elder 

disclaimer: this is my first time making eyebrows so the lighter colors are a bit eh :/ I apologizeee 

Maxis Match Eyes cc

Maxis Match Eyes cc

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