Sims 4 kid clothes

Here is a collection of our top Sims 4 Kid clothes for boys and girls. Children shirts, jeans, and luxury brands. For more Kids inspiration check out our sims 4 kid’s cc section.

Child Button Dress by Georgiaglm

Sims 4 kids clothes

converted this dress from Toddler Stuff for your child sims to wear, also it’s base game compatible!

There are 12 colors included and all textures and mesh are by EA.

Child SuperHero T-Shirt by Georgiaglm

sims 4 kids clothes shirt

Converted this T-shirt with a cape from Toddler Stuff for your child sims and made it base game compatible.

There are 12 colors included and all textures and mesh are by EA.

Knee patch Jeans by plumboops

sims 4 kids clothes jeans

Maxis match jeans with denim, knit, and flannel patches for your kiddos.

  • Required: Kids Room Stuff Pack (only for kids)

Bria Ruffle Sweater Dress 

sims 4 kids clothes dress

A cute simple outfit for your little girls. It fits in well with the autumn weather. There are a total of 25 swatches and all lods are included. It’s just a simple frankenmesh edit of 3 EA meshes. If you’d like to create your own recolors to share or for personal use, I’ve included the white diffuse and a color map for easy selection. Just remember to never include the mesh, and always link back for those who need it.

Spooky-E-Rolls by deetron

sims 4 kids clothes overalls

Spoopy Overalls for your spoopy kiddos. Come in about the same patterns as the Josie Tot Dress and Boo! 

MP Puma Outfit and caps (For child)

sims 4 child clothes

MP Electra Sport Outfit (child) by Martyp

kids clothes sims 4

Dude where is my shirt by saartje77

sims 4 shirts for kids

Random Dresses by simtember

sims 4 dress for girls

 5 AM separated tops and 4 CU ones + a bunch of accessory shirts, both long and short-sleeved.

 Most of them are high end labels but I did mix in some affordable ones in there too. As always I hope you guys enjoy.

Credit: Mesh isn’t included. You have to download separately in order for these to work. MESH IS REQUIRED.

  • Collar dress if from qvoix (10 swatches) 1st one
  • Random Dresses from simslifesims (12 swatches)2nd one
  • Short sleeve Dress from onyxsims (16 swatches) 3rd one
  • Designs on dresses came from Gucci, H&M, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Fendi & Kenzo
  • They are disallowed for random
  • If you click on the pics they will tell you which dress is which

Adidas Mini Collection by onyxsims

sims 4 sweater for kids and toddlers

If you’re looking for the updated slippers for toddlers and adults, they are now located in this post as well. The female version of the slides are not available at this time.

Apple Dress by Nolan-sims

sims 4 dress for kids

Super Toon Shirt by kliekie

kids shirts for kids sims 4

24 character shirts- Goomba, Pikachu, Kirby, Charlie Brown, Patrick, Sponge Bob, Courage, Scooby-Doo, Tweety, Kermit, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Stewie, Brian, Bender, Zoidberg, Sulley, Mike, Domo kun, hellow Kitty, Funn, Jake, Kenny, and Jack Skellington.

sims 4 dreads

Sims 4 Dreads

sims 4 piercing

Sims 4 cc piercings