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Sims 4 Maxis Match Skin List

sims 4 skin overlay maxis match

There is no shortage of TS4 MM content for your sims skin but we managed to narrow down a couple of our favorites. In this list, we try to cover all skin tones as well as blends and overlays.

1. Ooh la la la face shine N06 by Praline

mm skin

created for sims 4

description: Maxis match skin and makeup cc

Bright face shine in 5 highlighting shades, they all come in 3 opacities each, all of them come also in a second version without the upper lip highlight. Looks good on every skin color. For female and male sims, under skin details.

2. Nature Boy Skinblend

maxis match skintone

x alpha is more opaque around the nose and lips, but is otherwise the same as Summer Skeletons V2 (free eye, allows chin transparency)

x this is shown with nyloa’s default replacement lips, which I highly recommend using w/ this


+ this will add nipples to your fem sims, but is otherwise barbie

adult mouth crease is less severe but still noticeable

+ elder state has been softened a bit and wrinkles aren’t as pronounced

+ ears are EA with handpainting to give them some extra depth 

+ TM-AM fit state has lumia’s hipbones

+ two body options: Summer Skeletons V2 (mostly EA, with defined hands, and lumia’s smooth butts and belly button texture) or Ramen (basically the Summer Skeletons body, but with Noodle’s Ramen V2 collarbones and belly button added)

nsfw body previews: FEM / MALE


+ skin detail is unisex, all ages, face only, and is available in all skin detail categories + facepaint

+ for those who have GTW, there is a separate package for aliens that is categorized as a lower back tattoo

+ sortlayer has been adjusted to 1900 so that all other skin details will layer on top of this one. Refer to this thread if you’d like to change this!

**UPDATE 1/15/2017: This has been updated for the toddler patch, and the skin details now show up for toddlers. I also fixed the alien back tattoo package so it will no longer show up for human sims.


mm skinblend
credit turquoisepxels





4. Honey Default Skin-blend

skin mm sims 4


  • default skin-blend
  • compatible with all skin tones, body types,  + eyelid types
  • available for all ages + genders
  • nips + nops included for female teen-elder sims
  • sims pictured feature no additions except nose blush + moles


TOU: do whatever you want really, but give me (and the original creators) some credit!

5. intoxicated

skinblends for sims 4
credit @pxelbox

This skin is ALL AGES and ALL GENDERS. There is no non-default version and I won’t be making one, but feel free to do it yourself if you know how.

DISCLAIMER: as this is a skinblend, none of this skin is originally handpainted by me. I added some shine to the cupids bow but that was it. Everything else belongs to their respectful creators, and I take no credit for creating the details used in this skin. All I did was slap ‘em together, and a monkey could do that.

Download, more previews, and credits under the cut ▼


  • madmono’s KNIGHT skinblend as a base. Intoxicated uses the body texture from this skin.
  • heihu’s NEN face overlay. The entire base of the face is from this overlay.
  • tamo’s eyebags. They’re at half opacity so it’s not too extreme. On adults and elders they’re a little more prominent.
  • two nosemasks by pyxis: a nosebulb by brntwaffles, and a nosemask by madmono (shattered). 
  • lip corners by pralinesims [TSR warning!]. The opacity was lowered on this as well.


skin colors mm sims 4

hi guys! i’m excited to share with you my second skinblend! like my first, this is a default skin for all ages, but i’ve also made a non default version this time =)

i received a lot of feedback from my last skin upload, and i’ve considered most of what people were asking for. this time, i’ve edited the texture for young adults and adults so there’s a difference between them for gameplay. i’ve also smoothed out some wrinkles for elders, and added a non-default version! i hope you like it!

7. TAHANI Skinblend for TS4

ts4 skin

Making this was such a learning experience! I’ve never been super confident with textures but I was getting a bit tired of using like 100 different overlays on every sim, so this is a combo of my favorite details!

8. DNA Revamped

tsmm skin

[NEW!] DNA Skin – Revamped by @oasisgoth

I got tired of using 20 different skin details so I finally updated my DNA Skin with all the extra odds and ends that I’ve been using recently. There are 2 versions. (see here for comparisons) 2 eyelid options, 3 breast options and for all ages and genders. Male, child and toddler swatches are face only. Includes custom thumbnails! If you have any questions or concerns please dm me!  

Click here to view additional screenshots; 1 | 2 | 3

credits@shiibui-nu (preview/thumbnail pics), @heihu (face and chest overlays), @litttlecakes (face overlay), @pyxiidis (facial detailing), @he-ss(eyelids/eye mask)

9. Toffee Skin Blend

s4m skin
credit kumikya

i’ve actually been wanting to mash up all the overlays i use into my own skin, and when i came across thisreally neat tutorial i decided to give it a go! =)

  • i’m so nervous uploading this (´๑•_•๑)
  • default skin, available for all ages and genders
  • elders have subtle wrinkles
  • i’m pretty confident everything works, but if something is broken please let me know and i’ll do my best to fix it asap! =)

10. Jax Default Skin

sims 4 skinblend
credit taeskii

a default skin by taeskii

i’ve been wanting to make one and i had the time so i decided to do it. and this is my first skinblend and im still kinda new to cc so if there is a problem with it  PLEASE let me know!! lmao and i named this after my cat (it reminded me of him idk why). also @pxelbox  , my preview is kinda inspired by yours lol i didn’t know what to do and i loved your preview. 

This skin is made for ALL AGES & GENDERS

TO BE CLEAR: i did not handpaint this. i used bits and pieces from other skins and others hence the name, skinblend. i take no credit for the details. 


11. Yinghur Skin Overlay

skin for mm sims 4
credit heihu

Hellu! I have another new face overlay to share with you. Yinghua is a blend of a few of my other overlays, with a new slightly textured lower lip and is non-default. You’ll find it in skin details and I’ve also made a face paint and a tattoo version for your aliens. As usual, it works with all skin tones, all eyelid types and is enabled for all ages and genders.

12. Amaretto

amaretto skin the sims 4
credit viiavi


I haven’t made anything in a good while, so I decided to try my hand with a default skinblend. So, I dumped all my favorite skin details into one and came up with this monster; enjoy!


  • this skinblend is available for all ages, and gender. 
  • available as a default skin and skin details 
  • from teens and up, females are anatomically correct
  • Skin details are clean and are nipnop free!
  • Uses @madmonodls Adamas skin with @noodlesims collarbone
  • @simtzu‘s nose bulb (originally Rensim’s)
  • @heihu‘s niunai breast and lizhi face overlay
  • @litttlecakes BB face overlay (at 50%)
  • @tamo-sim‘s eyebags
  • @pyxiidis‘ nose and skin details

All credit goes to: @heihu@litttlecakes​, @madmonodls@noodlesims@pyxiidis​,@simtzu​, @tamo-sim​ 

13. Subtle Freckles

sims 4 freckles
credit voidboredom

Face Freckles!

Subtle Freckles – Void Boredom

⋄ 6 swatches (3 colors)

⋄ Base Game Compatible

⋄ Disabled for random

⋄ Custom Thumbnail

14. BurntWaffles Skin Set

maxis match the sims 4 skin colors
credit burntwaffles

This skin set was a collaboration with my followers, who recommended some of their favorite maxis-matchy skins to be recreated, to some success, in the sims 4. The male version will be released this week.

Included in the list are:

  • Aberginesim’s laugh it off! Genesims blend from TS2
  • Blueberry Pie Skin from TS3
  • Blue Sugar Nectar Skinblend from TS3
  • Cloud Parade Skin from TS3
  • Lilith’s Freckled Honey Skin from TS2
  • Lilith’s Honey Skin from TS2
  • Nectar Skin from TS3
  • Lilith’s Peachy Skin from TS2
  • Sugarpill Skin from TS3
  • Lilith’s Applepie Skin from TS2
  • & 5 brand new skins made in similar styles.

Credit: LilithAuberginesims, IN3S, Nilou, Joedy_76, Genesims, Leh, Jessy, Mouseyblue, Jesstheex, Rensim, Trapping, Simtzu, Ephemera, Alfred Askew & Medsie

15. Milk & Coffee Skinblend

skinblends for sims 4
credit solguard

milk & coffee

first time trying my hand at an overlay, and i’m pretty proud of the results!! hand-painted from scratch and tested across all all skin tones c:

☆ teen-elder, both m&f
☆ comes with mono and double eyelid options
☆ feel free to use parts of this blend in your own, just credit me

16. Milky Way Skin

mm world skin

I made this skin forever ago on my old account when I was still Milky-0 and I’ve seen people have still been finding the link somewhere and downloading it so I decided I’d just totally re-upload it for you guys. I might go back and touch up a few things later but this is the original skin for now. It’s unisex and teen-elder.

tou; don’t claim as your own, free to share in sim downloads just link me and provide credit 🙂 

Credits; heihu and grazeness (the only people i remember using a skin from for this)

17. Lazarus Default Skin blend

default skinblend sims 4
credit grimcookies

It’s finally here! A spiritual successor to my tahani blend. I made this because I wanted a skin blend that looked good on all skin tones so I spent a lot of time making sure it doesn’t look washed out on either end of the ea spectrum

18. Cartoony Skin Default Replacement

skin for mm sims
credit bowl-of-plumbobs

> Maxis-match

> Matte

> Free eyes and chin

> All ages and genders (except babies)

> Elders have wrinkles

> Face texture using Leh skin + Jole Skin + Xigua Face Overlay

> Body texture is 100% Ramen noodle’s 

@maimouth for making these gorgeous previews  ❤

@madmono for all the help, guidance, assistance and encouragement ❤

@ddeathflower for the leh skin which I used as a base & for the tips with the skin blending  ❤

notyourmotherssims and @@chisimi​ for the Jole skin  ❤

@mushibots aka @heihu for the xigua face overlay

19. Freckles & Moles

freckles and moles sims 4
credit Kris-sims

So I made some freckles

Face & Body

13 swatches


20. Glowworm Skin blend

mm cc skin
credit cupidjuicecc


Here is another skin blend, I wanted something wicked whims friendly. So I took @luumia‘s Smoothish II and used it as a base since I use their tit-e mod. The details on it are @tamo-sim‘s eye bags@heihu‘s shiliu overlay, and a little added nose shine circle all at about 25% opacity. I also darkened the lips as I always do using my blood orange lipstick as a shadow. Just as Keanu’s original skin this is only available for teen to elder. Thanks to @luumia@tamo-sim and @heihufor their content used to make this and their generous terms of use

Have any favorite S4 skin favorites? Make sure to comment below!

mm julian hair for sims 4

Julian Hair

Maxis Match Eyes cc

Maxis Match Eyes cc