Sims 4 Scars cc

Sims 4 Face and Body Scars

Here is a collection of our top Sims 4 scar cc. Custom content for facial scars, body scars, burn scars and acne scars. Different styles and placement available. For more cc inspiration make sure to check out our Sims 4 collections.

Shark Fight (Body Scar)

sims 4 body scars

This is some CC of an entire chest tattoo made to look like scars. While yes it doesn’t LOOK like typical scarring from a shark attack it was named such since I initially made it as a private mod for myself. But I figured since there was a lack of scar mods that emulate the scarred look that the Get Famous scars emulate I thought it’d be interesting to submit for others

Battle Scars

sims 4 facial scars

Skin detail version appears darker
*Updated* both genders, teen-elder
*New* Added another version that you can find
under the Brow Scars CategoryGet Famous is required for this version. I may also add more versions that use the other scar categories from Get Famous.

-All scars come in 3 varients from darkest to lightest
-Custom thumbnails included
-Disabled for random townies
-Also enabled for vampires and aliens (You can disable this if you want)
-All versions should be compatible with most skintones/overlays (I mostly use Luumiasims default skin, Xld_Sims, and S-Club’s overlays)

Burn Scars-Fourteen of the Hill

sims 4 burn scars
  • For all genders
  • For all ages
  • For humans, vampires and aliens 

Scar by scarlettsims4

sims 4 scars and wounds

Scars 01 by simenapule

sims 4 cc scars

Body Scar Overlays

sims 4 cc body scars

These are categorized as tattoos and therefore show up under all locations and all outfits. I use them with the extended tattoo mod (non-core from nraas) which means you can tattoo lots of other locations, including the shoulders, face, neck etc. Seriously if you don’t have it already I’d really suggest you go get it. 

Anyway, they have two color channels and they have three presets already which work best as a fresh scar and two faded variations. They work better on pale skins but if you mess with the colors you can get them to work well on dark tones and colored skin tones.

Harry Potter’s Lightning Bolt Scar

sims 4 harry potter

Found under either the Face Paint or Gloves category for both genders. 

Custom CAS image.

Light and dark versions.

All one package file.

Please ask for permission before editing or re-distributing.

Don’t re-upload.

Link to this post not directly to the download file.

S-Club LL ts4 scars 01

sims 4 face scars

Hello guys,

Our N01 scars , It have 6 style , hope you enjoy it!

The Witcher’s scars by Freqqy

sims 4 eyebrow scar

6 different scars for males and females
scars may not be working with some cc skins

Credits: Screaming Mustard(lipstick),Nightcrawler (hair)

Acne Scars by scarlettsims4

sims 4 acne scars

✖ Using my textures or parts of them to create your own CC without my permission

✖ Re-upload without my permission

✖ Steal my work 

✔ You can recolors my work, but do not include mesh

✔ Tag me if you use my cc

S4 Scarry Scarry Night Makeup

sims 4 scars cc

-Some cool makeup scars for spooky sims 🙂 
-cas thumbnail
-in the Blush category


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