Sims 4 Scars cc

Sims 4 Face and Body Scars

Here is a collection of our top Sims 4 scar cc. Custom content for facial scars, body scars, burn scars and acne scars. Different styles and placement available. For more cc inspiration make sure to check out our Sims 4 collections.

Shark Fight (Body Scar)

sims 4 body scars

This is some CC of an entire chest tattoo made to look like scars. While yes it doesn’t LOOK like typical scarring from a shark attack it was named such since I initially made it as a private mod for myself. But I figured since there was a lack of scar mods that emulate the scarred look that the Get Famous scars emulate I thought it’d be interesting to submit for others

Battle Scars

sims 4 facial scars

Skin detail version appears darker
*Updated* both genders, teen-elder
*New* Added another version that you can find
under the Brow Scars CategoryGet Famous is required for this version. I may also add more versions that use the other scar categories from Get Famous.

-All scars come in 3 varients from darkest to lightest
-Custom thumbnails included
-Disabled for random townies
-Also enabled for vampires and aliens (You can disable this if you want)
-All versions should be compatible with most skintones/overlays (I mostly use Luumiasims default skin, Xld_Sims, and S-Club’s overlays)

Sims 4 cc glasses

Sims 4 cc Glasses

whisper eyes for sims 4

Whisper eyes sims 4