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Sims 4 vitiligo skin

SimplyPixelated – Vitiligo Overlay – Child/Toddler

sims 4 vitiligo skin for toddlers

– 2 Options
– 2 Shades
– Custom Thumbnail
– Teens + Version (Available in Creator Notes

cakenoodles – Sunkissed Birthmark

Sims 4 vitiligo skin

There 3 kinds with 8 skin colors. They will look different with every skin tone though. They’re all together 24 swatches, & they can be found under both tattoos & skin details. They are for all ages!

the sims 4 vitiligo skin

cakenoodles – Cranachan Birthmarks

Sims 4 vitiligo skin overlay

3 larger birthmarks. They come in 8 swatches & 3 styles. They are under skin details. 

MsBeary – Vitiligo Skin V2

unisex Sims 4 vitiligo skin

ayoshi – Unisex Vitiligo Skin Face + Body

Sims 4 vitiligo face and body

Unisex Vitiligo skin for the face and body. 50 swatches for the face and 25 swatches for the body. Ability to mix and match.

Mintyowls – Vitiligo Overlays

 vitiligo skin

A vitiligo overlay for your sims in five maxis match colors, two lighter tones for paler sims, and three darker tones for darker sims. This is for male and female sims teen-elder found as a neck tattoo.

Izah Matheus – Manilla Vitiligo Skin

Sims 4 female vitiligo skin

*2 Swatches
*Base Game Compatible

Jenni Sims – Tattoos Vitiligo For all ages and genders

Sims 4 vitiligo skin and body

Xanathar’s guide to everything pdf

sims 4 dreads

Sims 4 Dreads