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Whisper eyes sims 4

Top collection of non-default and default whisper eyes for sims 4. Left and right eye options with capable sparkle removal. For more Skin inspiration check out our sims 4 collection section

Whisper eyes by dangerouslyfreejellyfish

Whisper eyes sims 4
  • For everybody
  • Defaults, non-defaults, and contacts in the Face Paint section
  • Removed specular
  • Maxis Match (ish?)

Heterochromia – Whisper Eyes

whisper eyes Heterochromia
  • Left and Right eye options as Skin Details
  • For everybody
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Incompatible with rings!

Just a little reminder or for anyone who hasn’t used a heterochromia mesh before, you can have both files (left and right) in the game without them conflicting and causing problems, but please only try to use one at a time. Otherwise both eyes will stay the same colour 🙂

Whisper Eye non-default file for the berry colours

sims 4 whisper eye

As requested I’ve added a non-default file for the berry colours, if you’d like those they’re in the same folder as the others 🙂

And I’ve updated the original Whisper eyes (defaults, non-defaults and contacts) to include 2 better black shades, one red, and 4 cooler toned browns 🙂 Please redownload if you want them! 

sims 4 scars cc

Sims 4 Scars cc

sims 4 realistic eyes

Sims 4 realistic eyes